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With over a decade's experience spanning Film, TV, Advertising and Content, I have built up a unique skill set.

Briefly, that means I've gone from filming, writing and producing live youth, music and entertainment programming and developing formats for television channels, through to coming up with concepts and copy, creatively directing and leading teams, pitching to and building relationships with clients and occasionally directing adverts and content.

On the way I've made shows and content for all the major terrestrial channels, worked with Hollywood A listers, created multiple award winning advertising and content for global brands and have probably got an anecdote about working with your favourite band / reality show winner / Hollyoaks actor.

I know, get me right? ...And why should you care? Well, what this means is that I bring all that creative experience and production knowledge to advertising / branded content / integrated campaigns / online social content / working with, and negotiating access to talent and influencers etc.

So, unlike your average creative director:


  • I create work that resonates and connects with an audience - putting them at the heart of the idea, rather than assuming they want to watch the advertising that is interrupting what they came for in the first place.


  • I actually know what I'm talking about when it comes to making engaging communications...and how to do it (with the ROI's to prove it).


I love keeping up to date with emerging technology and trends. Coupled with the knowledge gained creating multi platform work at integrated agencies, it has given me a breadth of experience that means I can confidently lead and inspire across disciplines.

It also means I know the difference between creating successful campaigns and formats that harness new technology with UX at their heart, or just slapping a QR code on something then thinking: 'Y'know, what this brand really needs to increase sales is a chatbot, an app and an online film shot with a 3D printed drone camera that everyone hits the skip button on after 5 seconds...'



If you've found yourself nodding in agreement to any of that...or are just keen to hear more about my rock n roll nights working with Jedward:


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